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About Us

Community HealthCare Connections is the umbrella organization resulting from the merger of the Nursing Clinic of Battle Creek and Calhoun Health Plan. The Nursing Clinic of Battle Creek provides free, urgent, non-emergency care to those in medical and financial need. Calhoun Health Plan provided access to primary medical and dental care as well as access to healthcare referral and advocacy services. With a common mission and population to serve, they merged in 2009 becoming Community HealthCare Connections.

Services provided by Community HealthCare Connections:

Free Medical Clinic
Basic Health Coverage Plan
State Health Program Enrollment (MIChild, Healthy Kids, and MOMS)
Community Health Services Referral
Patient Advocacy
Medical Transportation
Prescription Assistance
Dental Cleanings and Screening X-Rays
Urgent Dental Care
Lions Club Eyeglass Program