Community HealthCare Connections

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The Community HealthCare Connections (CHC) mission is to serve as a health access resource for the uninsured and underinsured residents of Calhoun County.


A community where no one goes without the health care they need.

Core Values

  • "No Missed Opportunities!" - We don't miss opportunities to help people when they're here with us...we seek out ways to help and we follow through.
  • We treat all individuals with dignity and respect.
  • We promote personal investment and volunteerism.
  • We're responsive to current community needs, creating flexible and innovative solutions to problems created by lack of health insurance.
  • We develop and implement strategies that respect and support patients, providers, and community.
  • We're committed to reaching out to individuals in their own communities, or in places they can easily access.
  • We're committed to forming and nurturing meaningful partnerships with other community organizations.


CHC Mission in Action

Upon returning to MI, she was briefly at SAFE Place, and then moved in with a friend. She found out she could no longer live with her friend, her son moved out of town, and therefore she became homeless.

Lucinda came back to CHC for medical reasons and re-enrolled in PDAP. She relays that CHC has greatly improved her quality of life because she would not be able to afford necessary medication otherwise. While Lucinda was meeting with a Navigator at CHC, she was also connected to InAsMuch House, where she currently resides.


Lucinda said she “would recommend CHC to anyone who needed help”. In fact, she already has recommended CHC to individuals at InAsMuch. Lucinda relayed that CHC has “done wonders for me”.



Meet Lucinda Sims

Prior to moving to Florida, Lucinda was enrolled in PDAP (Prescription Drug Access Program). While in FL, Lucinda was kidnapped and held for weeks until she was able to escape one day. A local hospital helped pay to get her back to Michigan where family resides.