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The Medical Mobile Clinic started April 8, 2011.

Mobile Clinic-Vicki & Martha

Patient Advocates - Vicki and Martha

Nursing Clinic of Battle Creek

The Nursing Clinic provides free, basic and urgent, non-emergency medical care for uninsured residents of Calhoun County.

Basic Health

Plan B

Plan B is a basic coverage program that gives you access to doctor’s visits, lab work, X-rays, and generic medications for a $5.00 co-pay.

Health Assistance Fund

The Health Assistance Fund gives you access to a variety of health goods and services, including medical transportation and prescription medications.

Referral & Advocacy

Sometimes, figuring out what you need and how to get it can be confusing. We can help schedule necessary appointments, work out payment plans, help with applications for charity care, connect you with other community health resources, etc. We’re here to help with most anything health-related.

State Insurance Enrollment

We can help you get yourself and your children enrolled in existing health insurance programs, like MOMS for pregnant women and MIChild and Healthy Kids for children.

Dental Health

Under the Dentists’ Partnership program, we help people who have no dental insurance and who are unable to pay for dental services.

Community Volunteer Service

This is a pay-it-forward initiative. This means that community dentists donate services to patients in need, and patients, in return, donate time at local nonprofit organizations. Community volunteer service is the foundation of the Dentists’ Partnership, and is required of everyone who participates.

For volunteer opportunities in our community, click here to go to the HandsOn Battle Creek website.

Oral Health Education

Volunteer dental hygienists provide all patients of the Dentists’ Partnership one hour of training on proper care of the teeth and mouth. This education is an important part of learning to care for your newly restored teeth, and is also required of everyone who participates.

Available Services

  • Dental cleanings and screening X-Rays
  • Urgent dental Care
  • Oral health education
  • Extractions and fillings

(all health services)

There is extra help available for those aged 60 and older. Please call if you have health or dental needs of any kind. We can help you or find the community organization that can help.

Prescription Medications

Prescription Drug Access Program (PDAP)

We help people with low income access FREE chronic illness medications through the major pharmaceutical companies’ no-cost programs. Enrollment in this program is FREE and the medications you receive are also FREE. Many of our clients receive multiple medications - at no cost!

Rx Outreach

For those whose income is too high for free medications, we are able to access chronic care medications at a very low cost.

Prescription Discount Card

The Prescription Discount Card offers discounts on medications at all local pharmacies. Discounts range from 30-70%, depending on the medication. The Discount Card is FREE and all Calhoun County residents are eligible.

Click here to access the FREE Discount Prescription Drug Card from the county.

We NEVER handle controlled substances of any kind.


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Generally speaking, if you live in Calhoun County, are uninsured, and consider your income to be relatively low, you will probably qualify for help. For further details, please click on the link above. Contact CHC at (269) 969-6494 for more information and to schedule an appointment with one of our Navigators.

Mobile Clinic

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